Jevon Interview
Jevon Beaumont was a founding staff member and director at Felix’s School of Rock. He was already touring with Barbara Dixon whilst studying bass at BIMM. He has performed with Europe’s favourite tribute band, BootLedZeppelin, Brighton’s own Blue States, appeared on MTV with Moloko and toured Europe with Jefferson Starship, before landing with The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown (remember 1968’s ‘Fire’?). When Arthur is on break, Jevon appears with SuperStylus (Brighton-based function band), and has Jevon returns to tutor with us at FSOR whenever his gigs, touring and recording allows it!
Q. Do you remember your first FSOR teaching experience? Do you know how many you’ve done? 
A. Yes it was FSOR02 at Gordonbrock School in Brockley.  Four or five bands, it was great. I’ve done over 50 FSORs all together!
Q. When did you start playing bass? (Do you play other instruments?) 
A. I started when I was about 13-14, I also play some guitar, mandolin, keys and bad drums. Oh and I sing, of course.
Q. Was there an event or band or singer that inspired you to play an instrument? Or do you have a bass hero?
A. Yes, my stepfather was a bassist. I did a few deps for him in local bands. My favourite bassist back then was Norman Watt-Roy from Ian Dury & the Blockheads.
Q. How did you wind up in your current band? 
A. I got a call from Sam Walker, the drummer of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. I’ve played with Sam in several different bands. We initially toured together with Blue States in 2003.
Q. Any good road stories?.. 
A. We flew to Germany with Arthur Brown one time and we were picked up in American police cars. We had to drive to a small village. When we got there they turned the sirens on and everybody came out of their houses and clapped as we drove by. It was really quite strange. I’m not even sure that everyone knew who we were! Surreal… But needless to say the gig was a stonker!
Q. Best gig? 
A. Oh dear, I really can’t remember. Playing the MainStage at Camp Bestival  with a man who sets his head on fire (Arthur Brown) was pretty awesome. 
Q. Best music milestone? 
A. I think a turning point was playing with Moloko Live on MTV in 2002.
Q. What’s your favourite musical toy/gadget? 
A. My 1961 Fender Precision Bass of course…
Q. Do you have an approach to playing, or a philosophy about the function of your instrument in a band? 
A. Always play what the song or piece of music requires and not what your ego requires.
Q. Any tips for kids starting out about playing your instrument?  
A. Listen to music. Headphones on, don’t do anything else…just listen…
Q. Best tip(s) about playing in a band? 
A. Listen to what everybody else is doing. 
Q. Any big lesson from a big mistake? 
A. Don’t leave your bass leaning against the side of the van you’re just about to drive off in!