We’ve called our advisory board Champions of Rock. 

Here you will find a collection of staff, journeyman musicians, and rock stars:
  • to share some of their music experiences
  • tell their stories, and
  • advise on on anything from guitar tone, practice techniques, auditions, touring, rehearsals, gig bag essentials, drum heads, and
  • share details on favourite instruments, riffs, songs and gigs.
We will invite them to attend at least one FSOR gig every year, and check in with them periodically to see if they have something to share with our students that might help with their instruments, voices, bands, or life in general.
Steve 'Boltz' Bolton
Steve 'Boltz' BoltonAtomic Rooster/Dead Man's Corner (FSOR Tutor)
Jevon Beaumont
Jevon BeaumontThe Crazy World of Arthur Brown (FSOR Tutor)
Winston Blissett
Winston BlissettMassive Attack