More FSOR_RockBox information

  1. We will be doing FSOR style Rock, Pop & Soul songs in a rota – if you have suggestions you’d like to submit – please contact Baz. no guarantees, but open to it!
  1. Tutor sessions will be by instrument or voice. If there are 10 guitar players – we’ll find a way to get everyone in the final video.
  1. The basic introductory price (£35/song) covers students contributing up to 2 tracks (eg, guitar & vocals, 2 vocal tracks, guitar & keys, etc) per song.
  1. Additional tracks (eg, 1 guitar/2vocals; guitar/sax/voice, etc) = £5/track.
  1. The better the performance on your video, the better the supergroup video will be – but – don’t worry about small mistakes. we will be editing everyone in and out of the video, and if you make a noticeable boo-boo, we’ll sort it in the editing suite!
  1. If we can hear the reference track in your video, or if you audio is distorting, or if you deliver your video clip after the deadline (zoom session + 48 hours), we may not be able to use your contribution for this project.  please look and listen to your performance before you send in your clip.

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if you have musical questions, please contact

if you have financial questions, please contact