How FSOR_RockBox Works

    1. Visit
    2. See song titles, Zoom dates/time to see what’s on offer & when
    3. Click ‘book now’ to register
      • as a parent and student &
      • book in on the song and instrument(s) or voice as wanted.
      • email Alyson your agreement to the terms & conditions
    4. Pay in full (introductory rate: £35/song; up to 2 tracks), or if you’re joining us on a bursary scheme, please get the registration code from
    5. You will receive an email invitation to join an FSOR_RockBox WhatsApp group where you will find:
      • a Zoom session invitation/link
      • a PDF with song information (lyrics, chords, key, tempo & tab as required) and
      • a link to a downloadable reference (click) track that you will play to.
    6. Attend the week 1 Zoom session (1hr) for your instrument or voice w/an FSOR tutor –practice your parts!
    7. Attend the week 2 Zoom session (1hr) for your instrument or voice w/an FSOR tutor – practice, practice, practice!
    8. Make a  (smartphone, tablet or computer) home video for the full length of the reference track – use headphones – we only want to hear you in the video you make!  NB: 2 devices (1.ref track; 2. your track) are needed to do this!
    9. send your video to the whatsapp group (-30mb) or via wetransfer (30mb+) to within 2 days of your 2nd zoom session.
    10. Our master video editors will mix and match all the performances to make the best supergroup video possible.
    11. We will publish the videos on YouTube within 7-10 days, and notify all participants with the url via email.
    12. 1-2 weeks later – we’ll do another one!