Introducing FSOR_RockBox

We tested a new project we’re calling FSOR RockBox, using our staff as guinea pigs. we gave them a song with a chart, lyrics, and chord diagrams, a key, and a tempo, and we said ‘go forth and rock’! and this is what they did:

We asked our Team if they could teach their main instruments online using Zoom. and they said yes!

  • We choose a rock, pop or soul song.
  • We set a key, tempo and create & send out a PDF with lyrics, chords & tab, and a click (reference) track to use as a guide.
  • We create a WhatsApp group for each song. We set 2 Zoom tutorial sessions (one week apart) for each instrument & for vocals.  (A week after the video is finished, the WhatsApp group will be dissolved.)
  • Students learn all or part of the song with our tutors on Zoom, and practice.

Within 48hrs of the 2nd Zoom session, students make a selfie-video of them performing their parts to the reference (click) track using headphones. NB: 2 devices (smartphones, tablets and computers will work) are needed to do this!

Student sends their video performance via the song-specific FSOR RockBox WhatsApp group (videos <30MB) or WeTransfer (videos 30MB+)  to FSORRockBox. Our master video editors will mix and match all the performances to make the best video possible. We will publish the videos on YouTube within 7-10 days, and notify all participants with the URL via email.

We are running a ‘live’ test with staff and students and will be officially launching FSOR RockBox with David Bowie’s Heroes very soon! If we all are having a good time, we will make plans to do this 1-2x/month, lockdown or not! Watch this space!