Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Q: What if I’ve signed up and have to cancel?2014-09-03T11:34:00+00:00
A: Just tell us as soon as you can so we can offer the place to someone else. We have a cancellation/postponement policy here
Q: What’s a MiniGig?2014-08-11T16:54:37+00:00
A: The day before the show, each band does a one-song ‘gig’ for all the other bands in their rehearsal room. We film and photograph the proceedings, and all the videos go to YouTube (typically that night), and all the photos go up on Flickr.
Q: Are there other FSOR events?2015-11-23T16:42:06+00:00
A: Yes. There are other events in which we participate, like Lewisham People’s Day, and events which we manage, like the Rock Fayre (debut: July 2013). We are continually working with other organisations to create a variety of bespoke rock school events. Please contact baz@fsor.uk for more information.
Q: What about things like health & safety and child protection?2014-09-08T16:35:25+00:00
A: Safety is always our number one top priority. Please click here to see a copy of our health and safety policy and here for our child protection policy. All our staff have DBS* checks before they are allowed to work with us. Our under 18 assistants do not take charge of children. All of our equipment is regularly PAT tested for safety and reliability.
Q: Is there a syllabus?2014-08-11T16:57:36+00:00
A: Yes. There are certain activities (lunch, vocal warm-ups, minigigs) that have to happen at certain times each day, and the rest of the time we are rehearsing. Please email here to request a copy.
Q: If I have questions about FSOR, who can I contact?2015-11-23T16:43:45+00:00
A: Please feel free to use the Contact Form or phone Baz on 07443 644891 with any questions.
Q: How are bands formed?2014-09-03T11:51:20+00:00
A: Age, ability, experience, instrument of choice, and requests (e.g. to be with a friend, or with or separate from a sibling). We do not guarantee that every student will be in a band with others of exactly their own age. In fact we find an age range beneficial; a 2 to 3 year age span within a band is normal.
There tends to be one drummer, one bassist, between one and three guitarists, and optionally one or two keyboardists. Multiple vocalists is common and encouraged.
Q: Can you tell me about the staff?2016-10-12T15:10:44+00:00
A: Our tutors are all DBS checked multi-instrumentalist music teachers and musicians. The tutor-to-student ratio is typically 1:4. Our senior staff have impressive performance credits:
  • The Who
  • Pink Floyd
  • Mark Knopfler
  • Jools Holland’s Big Band
  • Sir Tom Jones
  • Joan Baez
  • Paul Young
  • Atomic Rooster
  • Johnny Halliday
  • Three Dog Night
Our younger tutors are all enthusiastic young musicians who are keen to work in the close, friendly team that Felix has assembled. Band assistants are either former FSOR students, or FSOR tutors in training. All our staff love to share their expertise and enthusiasm with the next generation of musicians.
You can find out more about the staff here
Q: Where does FSOR take place?2014-08-11T16:40:40+00:00
A: Felix’s School of Rock takes place at Thomas Tallis School in Kidbrooke Park Road, Blackheath SE3 9PX (SE London). We turn classrooms into rehearsal studios, and we turn the school’s state-of-the-art Main Hall into a concert venue for The Gig, with stage, lights and projectors. We run a range of other, smaller events for kids and adults.
Q: Can I bring my own music equipment?2014-08-11T16:58:41+00:00
A: Most guitarists and bass players bring their own instruments. Some drummers and keyboard players bring their own instruments, some hire them for £5 a day.
Q: What equipment is provided?2014-08-11T16:58:48+00:00
A: FSOR provides all vocal and bass amplification. Other equipment can be hired for £5 a day and can be booked in advance.
Q: Do you need to have previous musical experience?2014-08-11T16:58:55+00:00
A: A minimal amount, but the more experience the better. We ask all beginner guitarists to be able to play 3 chords, and drummers to be able to hold a 4/4 rhythm. Singers and keyboard players need no prior experience.
Q: How much does FSOR cost?2017-03-29T10:19:49+00:00
A: The 4 day FSOR event costs £170. We run 3 day events when there is a bank holiday Monday during the half term for £130. We have a limited number of means-tested bursary places at each FSOR event, too. If you need more information on this, please contact alyson@fsor.uk
Q: How do I pay?2016-10-12T15:10:44+00:00
A: We prefer BACS (sort code 089299 account number 65312597) or a cheque (payable to FSOR, 92 Culverley Rd, London SE6 2JY).
Q: How do I sign up?2019-03-25T10:11:26+00:00
A: Click the RED BOOK NOW button on the front page of this site or below. You will receive a welcome email from FSOR and an auto-email asking for your deposit (£70). Once the deposit is paid your place is secure.


Q: How old do you have to be to attend?2014-08-11T16:59:20+00:00
A: FSOR is designed for kids 9-16 years old.