Who can do FSOR?



  • Kids must be between the ages of 9 and 16.
  • Kids should have access their own electric guitar or bass. FSOR can rent these to you by arrangement
  • They must be able to play the guitar to a minimum standard of 3 chords competently.
  • Drummers need some experience as they are going to play in a band. The minimum standard requires that they can hold a steady 4/4 rhythm, including fills, for at least 3 minutes.
    Drummers need access to a drum kit. FSOR can rent you a drum kit for £20 for the 4 days (£5 per day).
    If you have any questions please phone or email.

First time applicants are sometimes required to come for an informal half hour assessment session (£20) prior to the rock school so that they can be appropriately grouped.

Please email Baz here to discuss this.