Every school holiday something AMAZING happens!

Kids from all over London gather together to take part in Felix’s School of Rock.
Set up by Felix Glenn in 2004 this music charity gives you the chance to play rock tracks, write rock music and perform in a real rock gig on any of the rock instruments; Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards and Brass. Almost all of the gear is provided for you and the teaching ratio is a fabulous 4:1.

Every half term, Easter and in the Summer holidays, bands are formed out of excited, talented (some unaware of this talent until FSOR) 9-16 year olds. They rock their socks off under the tuition of our enthusiastic professional tutors to create original songs as well as their own version of the great rock and pop classics.

The whole 4 day experience is working towards The Gig on the final day when your friends and family are invited to a performance of your work. We have a full PA, lights and projectors to make your performance rock!

The four days are not only great fun but they are enormously confidence building.  Also a great chance to meet fellow musicians and make friends or form a band.

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